The science in 2020 supporting plant-based nutrition has been overwhelming. Sadly, the global community have not taken enough action to change our broken food system. It was a tough job, but here are my top evidence-based papers.

This week I cover a review on vegan diets for children, biomarker analyses in veggie and vegan diets and data on healthy drinks.

This week I cover the impact of nutrition on COVID19 severity, vegan diets for children and a shocking report on vegetables consumption in the UK.

This week I cover more benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates are not the enemy, the plant-based advantage for gestational diabetes and methane emissions from animal agriculture.

This week I cover the health of modern day vegan children, low carbohydrate diets and type 2 diabetes, the impact of gluten consumption on brain health and an urgent call to action from Greta Thunberg.

This week I cover the impact of salt consumption on blood pressure, plant-based diets for kidney disease, healthy lifestyle and risk of colorectal cancer and attitudes to factory farming and pandemic risk.

This week I cover the benefits of nitrate-rich vegetables, vegan diets and bone health, the importance of vitamin D, negative impacts of sugary drinks and air pollution from animal agriculture.

This week I cover the mighty mushroom, the impact of plant-based diets on mortality, intermittent energy restriction and more reasons to ditch meat from the diet.

Happy No Meat May! This week I cover the impact of meat packing facilities on rates of COVID-19, omega-3 fatty acids and mortality, risk of cancer in people with diabetes, impact of obesity on second cancers and cutting meat consumption to combat climate change.

This week I cover the impact of lifestyle plus socioeconomic status on cardiovascular disease, vegetarian diets and ischaemic heart disease, impact of soya on hormone health, ultra-processed food consumption in vegans and a call to action for health professionals.

Shireen Kassam

Consultant Haematologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician. Founder and Director of Plant-based health professionals UK.

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